Dans ton sac de Bloc (ft. Antoine Girard)

In your Bloc bag (ft. Antoine Girard)

As a climber I spend a lot of time preparing my climbing bag before leaving on a trip. There is a whole bunch of equipment that I take with me on every trip, going from the most obvious to the most strange. If we start with the “classics”, I always take several pairs of slippers with me. A stiff pair, a soft pair and a pair with a different heel shape in case a rather particular grip might only suit one type of shoe. I also always bring my bouldering bag with several brushes of different sizes so that I can brush all shapes of grips (narrow grips with a small brush or large flat grips for a large brush). I also add liquid chalk to my pouf bag which will be essential for keeping my hands dry during a block with a lot of movement. The strap is also part of my bag, I take it in case of injury to my fingers or to patch up anything. If we move on to a slightly stranger object, I always take with me my big Makita fan which allows me to dry my fingers to get the best possible grip but it can also be used to dry wet grips after the rain. I also bring a rope and a harness in case I plan to attempt a high boulder to reduce my chances of falling at the top. A few seeds and a bottle will finish filling my bag. For the evening after my day of climbing I always have with me a jar of moisturizing cream which will allow me to recover the skin lost during the day as well as a file to even out my skin in case it has been a problem. little shredded.