Dans ton Sac Escalade (ft.Pierre Le Cerf)

In your Climbing Bag (ft.Pierre Le Cerf)

First of all there is the basic climbing bag but also the rope bag. This one can contain quite a bit of material too, because as you will see, the list is long… here we go!

3 pairs of slippers: there is the right pair, brand new, it’s the “you never know” pair, then the right pair to try out! And finally the bad pair (with holes) for warming up, and working climbs.

Then there is everything that is essential for safety: the harness, the rope, the grigri, the quickdraws, the helmet (if there is a risk of falling rocks). I think everyone knows, so let's move on.

Warming up, important to be well warmed up before starting the project,
I always warm up on the floor before trying out. We start with the elastic (joints, mobility, muscular awakening), then we move on to serious things, the beam, to warm up the big muscles, the fingers, and to do a little specific to the route tried.

To optimize the climbing conditions I have a pof bag of course, from time to time a knee pad, then a reserve pof bag, important for putting as little powder as possible in the climbing bag (to gain comfort), a brush, and there you go.

For comfort! This is important because we spend a lot of time on the ground, you need to bring shorts in case of heat, and also pants for when the cliff goes into the shade. To combat the cold I always have under gloves, and if that's not enough I also have ski gloves! And if we reach really low temperatures I have the little heater, very pleasant in the backpack while climbing (I recommend)... a neck warmer and a hat are not too much for warm climbing! Then the basic things, a down jacket, sweater, jacket…

And then the rest! I call him the rest but without him my cliff days would not be the same! I start with my pink crocs, comfortable, going down my lane, nothing better than not wasting 15 seconds putting your lace-up shoes back on, hop on the crocs, quick, efficient, and so pretty... A little cushion for the back , a little mat for the buttocks, gloves to belay (we keep our hands warm and don't get them dirty), a knife (very important), to cut the rope when it starts to get damaged, to spread the cheese, and so on, a strap for friends and me, in case of a little bleeding, or to avoid the pulley! A lighter to make a little fire (no abuse), a headlamp, especially in winter when it gets dark early, a little phone pouch, at least it's warm, you don't lose it and it has less risk of breaking! I always have a thermometer, I enjoy setting records, last time a little run at 6 degrees hehe! And it’s good to be aware of your surroundings precisely!
A bottle of water with something to snack on! Money to buy a little appetite suppressant at the bakery or butcher (pizza, sandwich, chicken and potatoes, etc.), I often have a weighted vest for my first climbs, these are my methods me :)… the PQ for… in case of emergency, and for friends too… forget the enclosure, otherwise at your own risk…

The list is long but in general everything fits, I also bring a shopping bag to avoid the bag full of things which scatter as soon as you open it... It's quite practical...
The bag also varies depending on the cliff, if you go to Ceuse we don't plan as much otherwise goodbye thighs and back, and depending on the season too (winter, summer).