Séance d'entrainement  (ft. Nicolas Conraud)

Training session (ft. Nicolas Conraud)

For all those curious about training who have made the effort to come to this Blog, I offer you a
session that I particularly like to practice to develop explosiveness in the legs, which
helps me perform coordination movements and throws with less constraints.
We observe many exercises to develop the upper body but in climbing we have
much more need for our legs and our supports and I prefer to share with you a lower exercise
body useful for our sport (from my point of view of course) rather than yet another exo that
you will be able to see everywhere.

First of all, any training begins with a good warm-up,
I invite you to do 10 minutes of quick stretching, mainly targeting the lower body to
work with better amplitude but also on the upper body because you will need the
two for this training. Make full use of your stretching range without trying to go
in a painful angulation but just aim to feel less stiff and free in your

Then, to increase the cardio, do 5 minutes of jumping rope to prepare the heart for the intensity
some exercice.

For training, it is structured around two exercises which will follow one after the other in the
- The 1st exercise consists of doing plyometrics: Here you perform 5 small duck jumps
(i.e. squatting, feet should be completely flat and you jump forward in
remaining crouched and trying to maintain a spring effect which allows you to chain the 5
squat jumps as fast as possible while trying to go far. Once you have completed the 5 jumps
must immediately after the 5th jump explode by making an extension as high as possible
possible and bring your knees to your chest in the air (so a 6th jump).
This constitutes 1 repetition (the 5 small jumps forward + 1 jump in the air as high as possible in
bringing the knees to the chest “flexion extension knees chest”)
You must do 5 repetitions: (5x (5 small jumps + 1 chest knee extension flexion))
- The 2nd exercise serves as recovery and at the same time as mobility and
proprioception (to work on both gestures and balance in the speed of execution)
You must do each range on a round trip (from the distance you want but at
minimum over a length of 15m) the following exercises:
- not chased from one side then the other
- heels buttocks
- knees chest at a slow pace (work on the frequency of the movement)
- not crossed on one side then the other (don't hesitate to check it out on YouTube
to be sure of the movement)

After each range of exercise 2 do take 1 minute of recovery where you
walk to bring your heart rate down as best as possible.
Then repeat exercise 1 then 2 in the same way.
The sequence of the two exercises constitutes a series; you must do 6 series therefore:
- 6 times chain -> exo 1 then 2 in a row.
Be strong and see you soon,