Vision artistique et pratique de la Highline (ft. Antoine Mesnage)

Artistic and practical vision of the Highline (ft. Antoine Mesnage)

I have always been attracted to the highline. At 16, I discovered the sport of slacklining. A real slap in the face, I spent my time on a line, on the ground, stretching longer and longer, until my first highline. A revelation, a transformation. What sensations, what fight, what effort... But above all, what beauty! The aesthetics of this sport are absolute. We are close to art, to the creation of an ephemeral painting, between sky and earth. I believe that I have always felt this vision. And to express it, I started taking photos, even becoming a professional photographer. I don't only photograph highlining of course, but it's still the sport that I prefer to photograph. Because he speaks to me, but also because he speaks to everyone. Walking on a balanced wire is not simply the feat of a tightrope walker, it is the feat of anyone who constantly seeks balance in their life. Or rather, seeks to counteract imbalances, because the delicate balance only exists temporarily. We are all the tightrope walkers of our universe, and I believe that is why the highline speaks. And the void brings this mystical, dreamy and daring dimension that fascinates me so much.

So I believe this is what brings me, on the one hand to practice this sport, and on the other hand, to take photos of it. I also made a film, Arves en Ciel, which talks about a wonderful human adventure to install an incredible highline at the Aiguilles d'Arves.

I will soon be making new films, always with the aim of bringing out the intense emotion that the highline provides.

To be continued !