Le nœud de Machard

Machard's knot

The Machard knot is a self-locking knot. It bears the name of its inventor, Serge Machard. It can be made using a ring of 6 to 8mm cord, also called ficellou. If you do not want to start making this ring, be aware that some equipment manufacturers offer this buckle directly for sale. It is mainly the difference in diameter between the rope and the string used that will determine the effectiveness of the installation. Flexibility can also impact blocking. Also pure Dyneema core + sheath cords should not be used for this purpose, in fact Dyneema has the property of being very slippery, so should be avoided. Once placed on the rope, it will serve as a backup for abseiling or for rope operations such as hauling. Or placed on the rope in the case of a rappel? There too you can see two montages. Before or after the belay system The safest thing is to put the Machard knot under the brake. This assembly allows you to put all the weight on the metal brake and to slide the rope in the Machard. If it is necessary to use both hands during the descent or in the event of an accident resulting in loss of mobility, the tramp will become tense and lock in the brake. In the opposite case, with the Machard above the brake, it will support the entire weight of the climber and significantly accelerate its wear.