Ma séance préférée (ft. Jules Marchaland)

My favorite session (ft. Jules Marchaland)

Hi all!
We're meeting today for a new adventure where I'm going to tell you about a workout that I love doing and that I do often!
I am more of a difficult climber so the qualities required are rather long, resistance efforts.
At the moment I mainly train at Arkose Nice, a pretty cool gym where we are lucky enough to have a wooden panel.
The session begins with a few easy blocks to wake up your body and muscles.
Following this, a few suspensions for the fingers before tackling slightly harder blocks. Classic and fun session in the blocks, while having fun, I try to do variations in the blocks (because I have often done them all and it is less fun to repeat them).

This first part generally lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.
When fatigue begins to make itself felt, take a short break and let's go for the resi!!

I start by doing a few (20-30) not very hard and random movements on the wooden frame, just to raise the resistance a little before getting serious. After a light rest I attack the big circuits, if I'm with friends so much the better but I'm often alone, so I take out my music headphones, big techno in my ears and off I go to play the hamster, I know too many takes so to try to vary the effort I do my curls randomly, I take the take I want when I want. The goal is simply to complete the effort. When I'm a little dead I don't hesitate to take 2 good shots to try to rebuild my forearms a little. And here we go again, I make movements until I fall and until I can no longer hold anything.
The good thing about creating the circuits in the moment is that when I'm too exhausted I can lower the intensity of the circuit and squeeze in as many movements as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this session! See you soon.